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Hilary Dickerson

August 22nd 2015
"Hope for Hilary"

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Hilary Dickerson

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What would you do for a friend in need?

Anything for a Friend is a simple concept about human beings and our interconnection. We believe that humans have an innate desire to connect and help each other when someone is in need. However, most are unsure as to how to provide such help. Anything for a Friend seeks to provide an avenue through which family, friends and the community of someone dealing with personal tragedy can band together to show support. We believe that through the organization of a community fundraiser, both the friends and the benefactor are able to minimize much of the fear and anxiety related to personal tragedy and find satisfaction through such an event, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

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Anything for a Friend--Sue Krupa Gray

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My heart is touched on nearly a daily bases by the goodness of people and the warming acts of service that are done (in secret and otherwise). Most of these acts are done by folks who have lived long enough to recognize the uncertainties of life, the tenderness of hearts, and how fragile life can be. There are some who have concerns about the next generation..."they are too self involved", "they esteem things lightly"...I am hear to SHOUT with enthusiasm that this world is in safe hands with the rising generation. I was contacted by the Student Body Officers at Layton High School, asking permission to run a fundraiser for Anything for a Friend. I was touched by the thought alone and had no idea what they had in mind. I was lucky enough to be invited to their special assembly and saw, heard, and felt the genuine care and concern that this cute kids had for those in need. How do you express gratitude to a group of kid's who have made that world of difference to many...most of which they would call strangers. Regardless, this incredible Student body and my Alma Mater, raised $9,308.41 for those in need. Hug a teenager today! We are in good hands. THANK YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART LAYTON HIGH LANCERS!